Shintoism and Zen Buddhism photos on Atlas Magazine March 2016 Issue
Shintoism and Zen Buddhism photos on Atlas Magazine March 2016 Issue

*Shintoism and Zen Buddhism photos on Atlas Magazine March 2016 Issue Information

*New Project and Exhibition ''Tamashima'' in Yumikobo Art Gallery in Okayama City / Japan - Tamashima Project and            Exhibition Supported by Okayama City Prefecture   Information*

*New Exhibition ''Between Us And The Light'' in Photography Museum In Nijniy Novgorod / Russia - Exhibition will continue until 22 Feb 2015 Information

*Interview With Russian News Agencies Sputnik Turkey

*The Another Face Of Istanbul Exhibition In 1. International Istanbul Photography Festival - Besiktas / Istanbul, Exhibition is opening on 18 Oct 2014  Information

*New Exhibition ''Another Face Of Istanbul'' with Russian photographer Svetlana Eremina in Roba Gallery in Omsk / Russia - Exhibition will continue until 21 Sept 2014   Information

 *New Exhibition ''Two Countries, One Life'' On 14 March at Consulte General of the Republic of Turkey in Kazan Exhibition Hall. Exhibition will continue until 15 April 2014 

* New Exhibition ''Railway Stories'' on December 19 - Istanbul Photography Museum.35 railway photos from Turkey and Russia will be exhibited till 19 March 2014  *Information

* ''The Another Face Of Istanbul'' Exhibition with Russian photographer Svetlana Eremina In Tyumen / Russia   *Information

* ''HandMade'' series at Baltic Bienal Of Photography

* 2013 Sony World Photography Awards , Turkey National Award Second Place  *Information

* ''Istanbul'' Exhibition at Rosphoto Exhibition Center - St Petersburg / Russia  *Information

* ''A Moment Of  Clarity''Exhibition at Harasho Contemporary Art Gallery - Crima / Ukraine  *Information